Hello and welcome to Clarity, a free XHTML/CSS template created by Six Shooter Media. This template is designed to be clean, easy on the eyes and above all, readable.

No images are used at all within the template to keep it clutter free and fast loading. Also, sIFR has been implemented to add some diversity to the typography.

About the Author

Hey! I'm James. I run Six Shooter Media, you might say creating web site templates is a big part of my life.

Some Examples...

Your Revolution page content is here

You have successfully installed MODX Revolution 2.8.3-pl!

Now that MODX is installed you can login to the manager to create your templates, manage content and install third party extras to add functionality to your website.

New to MODX?

Pages on a MODX site are called Resources, and are visible on the left-hand side of the manager in the Resources tab. Resources can be nested under other resources, making it easy to create a tree of resources. There are different types of resources for different use cases.

Building your website is done through a combination of Templates, Template Variables, Chunks, Snippets and Plugins. Collectively these are known as Elements, and can also be found in the left-hand side of the manager, in the Elements tab.

Templates contain the outer markup of any page. Each resource can only be assigned to a single template at a time. By adding Template Variables to a template, you can add custom fields for any resource using that particular template.

With Chunks you can share parts of the markup, such as a header, across different templates. Snippets are pieces of PHP that return dynamic content, such as summaries of other resources or the current date. With snippets, you will often use Chunks to mark up the pieces of content it returns, instead of mixing the PHP and HTML.

Finally, Plugins enable more advanced features by hooking into the extensive events system provided by MODX.

To learn more about MODX, be sure to check out the Getting Started section in the official documentation.

Blockquote Example

"But the Forest is queer. Everything in it is very much more alive, more aware of what is going on, so to speak, than things are in the Shire. And the trees do not like strangers. They watch you. They are usually content merely to watch you, as long as daylight lasts, and don't do much. Occasionally the most unfriendly ones may drop a branch, or stick a root out, or grasp at you with a long trailer. But at night things can be most alarming, or so I am told."

- Meriadoc Brandybuck

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Table Example

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3
2 23 76
54 233 1233